GFB D-Force Boost Controller & EGT Gauge

(Product Code: D-Force)


GFB's Diesel Specific Electronic Boost Controller

Want to adjust BOOST for towing?
Change it if EGT gets too high?
Have multiple settings for different driving conditions?
Bring BOOST on earlier or hold it longer?

The Go Fast Bits D-Force can do all of this and more! Using a unique boost control strategy. The D-Force lets you adjust the boost rise rate, peak boost, and
closed-loop correction. There are 6 boost presets (plus an extra one dedicated to the scramble feature allowing a timed boost setting) that you
can set up with different boost parameters for different driving conditions, and then activate them on-the-fly or at the press of a button.


  • 50psi capability
  • Display boost in psi, BAR, kPa, or EGT in °F or °C
  • Over-boost/over-temp warning
  • Peak boost recall feature
  • Closed-loop boost control strategy
  • 6 individually programmable boost presets
  • Scramble boost feature with remote switching Peak boost recall feature
  • Auxiliary input (active scramble/boost preset)
  • Touch screen interface with simple menu navigation
  • Adjustable screen colour

3007 - With EGT Sensor Probe & wiring
3006 - Boost Controller Only(EGT Sensor available seperately)


Special Instructions:
Not suitable fort VNT/VGT (Variable Nozzle / Geometry Turbos)


GFB D-Force Boost Controller & EGT Gauge - Click to enlarge
GFB D-Force Boost Controller & EGT Gauge

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