Rapid Performance Modules, for most Australian applications, are a "plug & play" style module with a simple installation procedure. The module does not connect to the ECU directly, but rather it connects in line with the input and or output signals. For most Rapid Module installations, the wiring simply patches in line with the factory wiring harness for easy installation.

Rapid Modules come in two general varieties of connections to deliver the power & torque increases to turbo diesel engines: #1 - calibration of the injectors' duty cycle and #2 - calibration & optimisation of the diesel pressure in the rail.

Why offer different styles of modules?

Different fuel systems and different vehicles respond differently when modified with the addition of a module. With Rapid Performance Modules we have the ability to supply a module that is best suited to your vehicle and expectations. It is not a matter of one module or one style fits all.


The first connection style utilises a direct connection between the Rapid Module and the vehicles individual injectors by patching into the factory wiring harness to the injectors. This enables the digital Rapid Module to calibrate the opening time of the injectors individually which accurately optimises the timing of the injection and quantity of fuel delivered. This configuration requires a highly advanced microprocessor to control the injection parameters. This means that the Rapid Module can support considerable increases in power & torque of the vehicle even if multiple injection is required (ie. Pre/post injections needed for management of the diesel particulate filter).

The second connection style plugs directly onto the common rail sensor. This enables custom calibration of the diesel fuel injection through an increase in the rail pressure, predominantly in the low to mid range, while still working within the safety parameters. This increases power & torque across a broad RPM range with substantially improved low down and mid-range performance.


Rapid Modules come pre-tuned with settings to suit most vehicle applications offering dramatic improvements but still have the ability to be custom calibrated to suit individual vehicle modifications and owners requirements allowing you to get the full benefit of your custom modifications.




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