"Should have done it years ago" - Geoff, 8010 Case Header Owner & Grain Farmer

Following fitment of a Rapid Diesel Performance Module to Geoff's Case Header, Geoff was amazed by the Instant Results! Here are some facts that Geoff was happy to share...

  • Engine Load was lowered from around 85% down to 65% which when harvesting at 5km/h saw an instant fuel saving of 15-20lt per hour.

  • When time is money, Geoff increased his ground speed to 6km/h bringing his engine load back to 85% and was still seeing 10 litres per hour fuel savings.

  • While ground speed was increased Geoff was not seeing any grain loss and Header could harvest a thicker crop with ease.

MTQ will be fitting a Rapid Performance Module to Geoff's Case 450 Quadtrac in the next few weeks.

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