Rapid Performance Modules are a well-established brand having been in production since 1995 and are continually being researched and developed for new applications.

Rapid Modules are designed & manufactured in Italy using only the best quality materials and technology available. The Rapid Module itself is placed in a Metal Casing exceeding most automotive standards, unlike other brands that use a plastic casing, and then the electronics are filled with resin to make it 100% sealed. Utilising OEM sealed connectors this makes the Rapid Module system one of the toughest Modules on the market able to withstand anything you can throw at it.

Rapid Modules take advantage of Digital Technology and have the ability to be tuned to an individual users needs unlike some modules or chips that use analogue resistors that have no further customisation after installation.

Rapid Modules have the capability to dramatically increase a vehicles power & torque without the need to override the safety parameters built in by the vehicle's manufacturer.

All Rapid Modules come with a 3 year unlimited kms warranty and have national technical support so you can buy Rapid Performance Modules with confidence and peace of mind.

Note: Rapid Performance Modules also have the option of an on/off switch giving you complete control of the unit.


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